Living in Cyprus

cyprus tax overview and incentives

Cyprus Tax Overview & Incentives

Cyprus taxes are attractively low for locals and foreigners living on the island with tax residency - whether business owners, employees, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, HNWIs, or retirees. In this article by Property Experts Cyprus, we will take a look at the following taxes and levies which apply to tax residents (companies and individuals) in Cyprus: Personal Income Tax (PIT)Corporate...

cost of living in cyprus

A Breakdown of the Cost of Living in Cyprus & Comparison

The cost of living in Cyprus is very affordable, especially compared to other countries in the EU and Europe.  Let the island specialists at Property Experts Cyprus take you on a walkthrough of the most relevant costs and expenses of daily life in this Mediterranean country. Living in Cyprus With unparalleled beautiful beaches, central location, ample business opportunities, as well as prime...

weather in cyprus

​​What’s the Weather in Cyprus Really Like?

Cyprus draws many expats and digital nomads to the island for its beautiful sunny Mediterranean climate and ideal residency policies, but what’s the weather in Cyprus like year-long?  While Cyprus is one of the sunniest and warmest European countries, it also offers plenty of variation throughout the year to make the island enjoyable for a variety of recreational activities and...

12 most beautiful cities in cyprus

The 12 Most Beautiful Cities in Cyprus

An eastern Mediterranean country renowned for its beautiful beaches, the family-friendly beautiful cities in Cyprus also make it a paradise waiting to be discovered. Many foreigners take a visit to Cyprus, but the true beauty of the island is not found in a day trip but in the endless scenic destinations expats have long embraced. Get to know some of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus as well as the...

nicosia in cyprus

Discover Nicosia in Cyprus

Are you an expat who is interested in moving to Nicosia and experiencing two cultures in one city? Property Experts Cyprus reveals all you need to know about Nicosia, the only divided capital worldwide.