Living in Cyprus

nicosia in cyprus

Discover Nicosia in Cyprus

Are you an expat who is interested in moving to Nicosia and experiencing two cultures in one city? Property Experts Cyprus reveals all you need to know about Nicosia, the only divided capital worldwide.

Expat Life in Paphos

Expat Life in Paphos

Are you curious about the expat life in Paphos? Located in the Mediterranean sea, to the South of Greece and Turkey, Cyprus is a beautiful island attracting more and more foreigners. Besides the Cypriot favorites Larnaca, Nicosia, and Famagusta - Paphos is an attractive and modern city to live in. So what is it about living in Paphos that attracts so many locals and expatriates? Let's find out in this...

The ultimate guide to Famagusta

The Ultimate Guide to Famagusta

This week, Property Experts Cyprus presents the ultimate guide to Famagusta. Find out what makes living in this district great - from breathtaking beaches and rich culture to business and investment opportunities.