7 Best Cyprus Beaches to Enjoy Your Summer Holidays

cyprus beaches

Cyprus beaches are among the most beautiful in the entire world. Whether you plan on vacationing in the area or you want to know which beaches are closest to your future property, there are many options to consider.

In this article by Property Experts Cyprus, we examine the seven beaches that you should plan on visiting if you want the best vacation experience. Let’s dive into this week’s topic!

1. Fig Tree Bay (Famagusta)

Located in Protaras in the Famagusta district, Fig Tree Bay is one of the best Cyprus beaches. Fig Tree Bay is also known as one of the top beaches to visit in all of Europe. Fig trees lining the water give the beach its name, and it’s mostly a rocky shore. However, there are plenty of places for visitors to bask in the sunlight.

This beach is special because of its turquoise water and the lush natural environment in the area. Also, you’ll find beautiful fish along with other marine life in the water that you can explore. You can count on making unique memories and seeing gorgeous sunsets on this beach.

Best Cyprus Beaches

The area surrounding the beach is great for vacationers. There are many highly rated restaurants at which you can dine, stores in which to shop, and a lot more. Anyone that is traveling to the area alone will love that there is an active nightlife in Protaras. After a long, relaxing day on the beach, you can still find some time to get involved in a party.

2. Lara Beach (Paphos)

If you’re looking for a beach with fewer people, then Lara Beach in the beautiful Paphos district is one of the best options for you. While it’s not frequently listed among Cyprus beaches that everyone should visit, it is a wonderful destination for people seeking privacy.

In order to reach Lara Beach in the Akamas Peninsula, you have to travel to Agios Georgios and then take a quad or bicycle to reach the beach, or you can take a nice long stroll. While you can bask in the golden sands and water, you should be aware that you are not alone. The beach is the nesting ground of Loggerhead turtles, so you can see them during the right season.

Even though Lara Beach does not have some of the amenities that people expect of the best beaches, like beach bars, it’s still a gorgeous natural area that everyone should endeavor to visit at some point.

3. Nissi Beach (Famagusta)

Another one of the best beaches in Cyprus is Nissi Beach, a place with water so clear that it is designated as a Blue Flag area. There are many reasons that Nissi Beach is one of the best beaches, and the first reason is accessibility. It’s located on the coast of Agia Napa, a town with many different attractions and accommodations. You don’t have to take special measures to reach the sand.

Unlike Lara Beach, people who travel to this site can walk from their hotel room down to the water in a matter of minutes. While there are usually many people on the sand, there is still enough room for everyone. With over 500 meters of beautiful sands, visitors can sunbathe, swim, and even go out on the water with boats. Nissi Beach is definitely one of the most prominent beaches available to visit.

What sets Nissi Beach apart is that you can walk from the beach across a narrow sand bar and reach a separate area called “the Island.” On the island, you can take great pictures, rent boats, and more.

4. Coral Bay (Paphos)

No matter if you’re on vacation or living in Cyprus, Coral Bay is one of the beaches that everyone should try to visit. There are many things that set this particular beach apart from others. For one thing, beautiful limestone cliffs surround the beach and make you feel separate from everything and everyone in the area.

Besides, Coral Bay Beach is easy to get to, even if you aren’t staying at one of the local hotels. In fact, the beach is a short bus ride away from Paphos, so you can shuttle back and forth between the areas.

Another great thing about this beach is the various restaurants and attractions less than a kilometer from the beach. Sure, this adds more people to the sands, but there is plenty of space for everyone. The water is a beautiful blue and the sands are constantly groomed, ensuring that your stay on this beach is pleasant.

5. Akti Olympion Beach (Limassol)

There are two main beaches in the Akti Olympion Beach area in the amazing Limassol district: While the A site is beautiful in its own right, Akti Olympion Beach B is a Blue Flag designated area where you will find some of the most beautiful waters in the country.

People that want a family-friendly beach experience should make it a goal to visit here. For starters, there are over two kilometers of sand to spread out with your family. Moreover, the beautiful waters are backed by amenities that will make a family visit far easier to manage.

For example, there are numerous restaurants, rest areas, parks, and cafes that you can explore as you need or desire. That way, if you want to get out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, you can easily share a meal at a local restaurant before heading back out for more adventures.

6. Makronissos Beach (Famagusta)

Makronissos Beach is another Blue Flag designated area where people flock to when they want to have some fun in the sun. This is one of the most popular Cyrus beaches, so the area tends to be a little more populated than some others.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the crystal clear waters, abundant umbrella rentals, and great local restaurants. The western portion of the beach tends to be best for people looking to take part in surfing or bodyboarding because the water is a little choppier. However, the eastern part of the beach is perfect for families, with calm waters and abundant places to spread out.

There are many hotels, bars, and restaurants right off of the water, so you never have to go too far for a meal or some refreshments. However, it’s also important to remember that Agia Napa is the closest town to the beach. This area has numerous shopping centers and resorts for visitors, so you may spend time on the beach and off of it.

All told, Makronissos Beach and surrounding areas are a good example of why people want to retire in Cyprus.

7. Aphrodite’s Rock (Paphos)

Not every one of the Cyprus beaches is great for swimming. In the case of Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach in Paphos, visitors have the opportunity to view a local legend. The rock is supposedly the site where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, came forth from the water as a divine being.

7 best beaches in Cyprus

At the very least, it’s a large and interesting sight for people to see while they walk along the stony shores of the area. It’s an ideal beach if you’re trying to take pictures or gain some inspiration for art. You might even come out to the beach to meditate near the tumultuous waters. Either way, it’s not a place you’ll want to swim, but it is beautiful.

Fortunately, it is not too far from downtown Paphos, a place that many people visit because of the airport and other attractions. This is a fantastic place to admire while you’re traveling the coast of Cyprus, or if you need a break from the sun and water for a day of your vacation.

Cyprus Beaches – The Takeaway

The Cyprus beaches that dot the shores of the country are one of the best features of the island. Not only do they provide a beautiful place to explore for families, but they’re great for people that are ready to relax. People use these beaches for swimming, sunbathing, boating, and more.

No matter if you are visiting the country for a short time or planning to relocate to Cyprus, these beaches are a destination that you should try to experience. As long as you are on the island, you’ll have many great choices available to you for which beach to visit. Using this list, you can prepare your itinerary and have a satisfying vacation as soon as you book a trip.

Before you book your trip to the country, you’ll want to know the seven best Cyprus beaches to visit according to Property Experts Cyprus. If you want to find out more, feel free to get in touch with us. We offer many services around living in Cyprus, including buying apartments and houses for investment.