Overview of Master’s Degrees at Cyprus Universities

Overview of Master’s Degrees at Cyprus Universities

Getting a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities is combining the best of all worlds! Rich in history and culture, Cyprus is known for its luxury beaches and fascinating lifestyle, and also so for its attractive education options.

Property Experts Cyprus shows you how affordable and diverse quality education is in Cyprus and gives you everything you need to know about studying for a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities. 

Why Study in Cyprus?

At a crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has been influential throughout the ages. Getting a Master’s degree from Cyprus universities means being a part of history, traditions, and culture that goes back thousands of years.

Did you know that Cyprus is home to the first water wells, perfume bottles, and pet cats found in human civilization to date? One of the benefits of choosing Cyprus universities for your choice of study is that when you are not in a class, there are so many interesting areas to discover around the island. The entire city of Paphos is a UNESCO world heritage site, to name one.

There are also plenty of outdoor recreational areas to keep your body in shape after the classwork is done or relax and unwind at some of the best beaches in the world.

Moreover, Cyprus invests about 7% of its GDP in education, the third-largest in the European Union after Denmark and Sweden. Yet Cyprus remains an affordable place to study and live without losing quality-of-life or educational competitiveness.

Other industries such as tourism, real estate, and the IT sector are also thriving in Cyprus, which means upon graduation, there are plenty of opportunities to stay and work in Cyprus or simply take advantage of the large-scale investments that are improving every aspect of Cyprus lifestyle while you get your Master’s degree at Cyprus universities.

What is the cost of a Master’s Degree at Cyprus Universities?

According to UNESCO, Cyprus spends approximately 9,000 USD per tertiary education student. Not only that, but many universities’ tuition fees are considerably lower than those in the United States and the United Kingdom and offer invaluable international opportunities for Chinese students. Bachelor’s programs range between 3,000 to 10,000 Euros per year. Master’s programs cost about 5,000 to 10,000 Euros annually. MBA programs tend to have slightly higher tuition fees than other courses of study.

Since Cyprus is a popular destination for foreign nationals, many universities also have study abroad programs that help facilitate the cost of living abroad by providing room and board as well as other work assistantships so that foreign students can cover education expenses easily.

While most Cyprus universities are based on American-style educational curriculum and facility set-up, there are a few that are based on European systems. These tend to have fixed curriculum and tuition fees, but all students, including foreign nationals, can qualify for fee reductions or scholarships.

The Cypriot government also funds scholarships that cover anywhere from 10 to 20% of tuition fees for foreign students with strong academic performance.

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Beyond tuition fees, foreign students getting a Master’s degree in Cyprus universities should expect to pay 600 to 1000 Euros a month to cover the cost of living on the island.

Overall, studying in Cyprus is much more affordable than the cost of American or other European educational institutes. It provides students from all over the world with international experience and post-graduation opportunities in Europe. Studying in Cyprus is particularly attractive for Chinese students.

Getting a Student Visa

If you are interested in getting a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities as a non-EU citizen, you will need a visa. Student visas are only available for full-time students who are registered for at least 12 educational credits per semester.

You will need to apply for the student visa about 3 to 4 months before classes start as well as complete a visa interview. For assistance with obtaining a student visa to study in Cyprus, contact the professionals at Property Experts Cyprus today.

Upon arrival, visa holders will need to also register with the district police office within a week of arriving in Cyprus.

Are There Any Requirements?

To get a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities there are some prerequisites that are required. Each program has its own specific requirements when applying that follow other European standards. This means having received a relevant Bachelor’s degree and possibly a postgraduate interview for admittance into the Master’s programs.

Another important requirement is the language component. While some universities teach in Turkish or Greek, most offer English-taught programs. Foreign students will need to provide proof of English proficiency with a TOEFL or IELTS certification if their native language is not English.

In case that English proficiency is not met, a few universities offer a one-month intense English course to help establish the required level of English to participate in further educational studies.

Each university can provide you with the specific requirements necessary on their application forms and Property Experts Cyprus can help you gather the information you need to find the right Master’s program for your particular studies.

What Makes Master’s Degree Programs in Cyprus Unique

Cyprus universities offer a range of different Master’s programs in many different fields. Whether you are interested in education, psychology, computer science, or business administration, Cyprus universities have English-taught programs competitive with other international educational institutions and recognized worldwide by employers.

With a third of the 25,000 university students being foreign students, Cyprus is a sought-after country for higher education opportunities by international students. The most popular programs relate to the fields of hospitality and tourism, but Cyprus universities also have some unique programs.

The First in Digital Currency Master’s Programs 

The University of Nicosia is the first in the world to offer a Master of Science in Digital Currency and even accepts Bitcoin as a tuition payment.

World-Renowned for Research

The University of Cyprus in Nicosia is world-renowned for its focus on research and has more than 200 research programs and courses to offer students.

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The Eastern Mediterranean University is one of the largest institutions in Cyprus and getting a Master’s degree in Cyprus universities is possible in any of the 141 programs of study at this institution.

Further, it has a huge university library with 120,000 books, one of the largest collections of any university library in the Mediterranean. Moreover, it has an English Preparatory School for foreign students still needing to develop their English proficiency skills before continuing their studies.

English Widely Spoken

Cyprus International University is a private university with courses taught entirely in English and is designed particularly for foreign students. The student population is over 15,000 people representing more than 60 nationalities, making it one of the largest student body universities in Cyprus. 

Prestigious & Specialized Programs

Although a small school, Frederick University is among the top 100 universities in Europe for management and technical institutions and its business degrees are some of the most prestigious in Cyprus. It is also the only university to offer exclusive programs in maritime studies and oil engineering.

Extensive Network of International Educational Partners

With over 20 public and private universities on the island, getting a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities also means being connected with academics at American and European educational institutions who work in close partnership with Cyprus institutions.

Competitive Internationally-Recognized Degrees

The academic year for all public universities’ Master’s programs in Cyprus is divided into two semesters and in-session from September to May. Private universities schedule the two semesters between October and June.

All Cyprus universities operate at the same level as American and British higher educational standards, ensuring graduates who are earning a Master’s degree at Cyprus universities are just as competitive and qualified for workplace employment anywhere in the world.

Here at Property Experts Cyprus, we are eager to help you narrow down your options for study in Cyprus. Let us know your field of interest and we can review the application requirements for more than 20 universities in Cyprus and help you make the best choice for your educational needs. Through our extensive network, we will connect you to the perfect Cyprus Master’s program.

The Takeaway – Master’s degree at Cyprus Universities

With a strong educational system, Cyprus makes getting a Master’s degree from Cyprus universities a wonderful opportunity to discover life in the Mediterranean with a warm culture and scenic location steeped in history. There is so much to explore in and out of the classroom and a world of future employment opportunities in Cyprus’ industries after graduation.

Let the experts at Property Experts Cyprus get you started on the journey to studying for a Master’s degree in Cyprus Universities by contacting us about your areas of interest and educational background. We can get you into the right program.