The 12 Most Beautiful Cities in Cyprus

12 most beautiful cities in cyprus

An eastern Mediterranean country renowned for its beautiful beaches, the family-friendly beautiful cities in Cyprus also make it a paradise waiting to be discovered. Many foreigners take a visit to Cyprus, but the true beauty of the island is not found in a day trip but in the endless scenic destinations expats have long embraced.

Get to know some of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus as well as the diverse districts with Property Experts Cyprus that have charmed human civilizations for thousands of years.

The Distinct Charm of the Captivatingly Beautiful Cities in Cyprus

The cultural appeal of the island isn’t just reserved for the beautiful cities in Cyprus but also in the flavor and richness of its many villages and towns.

Residents of the country often venture to other parts of Cyprus to savor the unique experiences and attractions found in the different districts. As travel to many of these locations doesn’t take that long, there are plenty of opportunities year-round to discover the island’s legacies.


Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and renowned for being the only divided capital of the world with both Greek and Turkish heritage dating back 4,500 years of human settlement. It’s a bustling district with plenty of museums in which to explore the unique tapestry of Cypriot history. 

When you aren’t capitalizing on the business opportunities of the capital city in Cyprus, unwind and explore the many natural parks or other beautiful cities found within the district. Many expats have already taken Nicosia as their home, enjoying the heart of Cyprus.


Another traditional village within the Troodos Mountains, Kakopetria provides visitors a glimpse into the authentic Cyprus lifestyle. Roam through the streets adorn with old wood and stone houses and taste traditional spoon candies from local sweets makers.


When searching for the most beautiful cities in Cyprus, one cannot miss the fascinating landscape of Paphos. In fact, the entire city of Paphos is a UNESCO world heritage site with all corners of the area filled with stunning architecture and historical landmarks such as the Tombs of the Kings and vibrant resorts nestled among ruins, Kato Paphos.


If that isn’t enough to satisfy any adventurist, Paphos District is filled with pristine Blue Flag beaches such as Coral Bay in Peyia and the Akamas Peninsula that give any resident the perfect blend of discovery and relaxation. 


As a small village within Paphos, Ineia delights visitors with quaint, but breathtaking views of vineyards and a wine village lifestyle.


For expats wanting to experience the complete Cyprus lifestyle and roam through endless beautiful cities in Cyprus should look no further than the district of Limassol. Of course, there is the new Limassol Marina and a future technological ‘Wall Street’ in the works, but the district also offers plenty of villages and cities as well as the Troodos Mountains to get lost in too.

From the Limassol Castle, the destination of a Royal Wedding, to the oldest remains of a cat in Neolithic Shillourokambos, both modern and cobblestone Limassol may very well be the reason Cyprus is known as “The Playground of the Gods.”


Tucked between Limassol and Paphos, Pissouri captures the soul of a laid-back lifestyle in the Mediterranean Sea. Rustic and mostly still untouched by tourism, the town perfectly captures the heritage of the island and highlights rural life among the rugged cliffs.


Set within the hillside scenery of the Troodos Mountains, Agros offers nature trails, charismatic red-tiled houses, and appetizing cuisine. Another favorite of visitors is the town’s rose products and boutique shops.


For wine lovers, Omodos is the town to visit to experience Cyprus wine production that has been around through the ages. Sip exquisite wines while looking over a backdrop of vineyards and mountains.


Cyprus can get hot and a favorite escape for locals is Platres. In summer, there are many outdoor sports, natural flora, and Cyprus’ highest waterfall to entice any enthusiast. In winter, locals hit the ski slopes of nearby Mount Olympus


Home to the ancient remains of Choirokoitia and the flamingo-studded Salt Lakes, Larnaca combines the pleasures of a quiet life with a plethora of active recreational options. Residents can stroll the family-friendly seaside promenade or take in the wonders of the Church of St. Lazarus and the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.

Both the Turkish Quarter and the many archeological sites provide a glimpse into the past history of the region. 


You can easily spend a day exploring Lefkara, a village renowned for its handicrafts such as lace and silverware, or be daring and go below the surface to see Zenobia, one of the top 10 wreck dive sites in the world.


As one of the oldest villages in Cyprus, Tochini is a place everyone must visit as one of the top ancient beautiful cities in Cyprus. Another draw to the village is the chance to experience agrotourism among the restored and preserved village center and stone homes. Visitors can experience the unique Greek-Turkish influences that make up the island.


For those ready to immerse in the scenic natural delights of Cyprus, Famagusta is the district to be. The district’s coastline is dotted with various grand outlooks and the beautiful cities of Cyprus. 

When not hiking a nature trail or lounging seaside, residents may participate in the district’s many artistic activities, such as the annual Famagusta Art and Culture Festival, or exploring gothic and Venetian architecture.

Agia Napa

The captivating Cape Greco, a protected nature park, is one of the many wonders of the famous resort town of Agia Napa. The city also boasts popular beaches such as Nissi Beach, which are some of the most popular destinations on the island. Living in the Famagusta District comes with the benefit of choosing between many of the top Blue Flag beaches found around the world.


Villas and apartments soak in the Cyprus sun and views of the sandy beaches found in the city. One of the most sought-after is Fig Tree Bay. Scuba diving is one of the top weekend attractions and the city is more family-friendly and quieter than Agia Napa while still having all the perks of the island lifestyle. 


More relaxed than other major cities in Famagusta, Paralimni provides access to the best parts of Agia Napa and Protaras while offering a more residential lifestyle. Rich with Byzantine history and cultural attractions, such as the Strawberry festival in nearby Deryneia, Paralimni blends leisure and comfortable living.

Between the beautiful cities in Cyprus and the delightful appeal of smaller villages and towns, residents in Cyprus can experience all the finer things in life.

Experience the Essence of Mediterranean Life

Expats have delighted in discovering the charms that the beautiful cities in Cyprus offer and find the island the perfect place to call home. From cutting-edge modern cities to picturesque historical towns, Cyprus delivers the best Mediterranean lifestyle to those ready to explore.

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