What You Need to Know About Thermal Insulation in Cyprus

thermal insulation in cyprus

Finding yourself with a new home can be exciting, or just even making improvements on your current forever home. And there are some major upgrades such as installing thermal insulation in a Cyprus home that can have big payouts for your space and finances.

Although the sunny, mild climate of Cyprus might not lend itself to thoughts about thermal insulation from the onset, insulating your home can help you reduce electricity costs, maintain a more comfortable environment, and protect from noise pollution.

The professional home experts at Property Experts Cyprus help you understand the basics of thermal insulation in Cyprus and the energy-saving and cost-saving benefits of making home insulation worth the investment. Also, get sought-after answers to does roof insulation makes a difference in this week’s article. 

What is Thermal Insulation and Cyprus Homes

Thermal insulation in Cyprus comes in many forms and there is a building material suitable for any residency type. Thermal insulation materials work by creating a barrier of protection from the outside elements and retaining the temperatures within a home.

The most commonly used materials are fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, polyurethane foam, as well as expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene (Styrofoam). These could be in the form of foam pads, fiberglass panels, glass wool blankets, external wall batts, or sealable wall wraps. There are plenty of options to choose from and selecting the right materials for thermal insulation of Cyprus homes accommodates any needs or budget.

Cyprus residences come in a range of gorgeous properties located among scenic destinations and while the weather is mostly a mild, balmy Mediterranean climate, homeowners face three major problems with their real estate investments.

The first of these is inadequate heating in the winter months. While winter is short in Cyprus, the few winter months can be quite cold. In 2019, more than a fifth of the Cyprus population had difficulty affording to heat their homes properly. Following Bulgaria and Lithuania, Cyprus is the third worst city for heat insulation and energy costs during the colder months of the year.

Another common issue homeowners face is battling condensation damp mold. The climate may be perfect for people to enjoy any month of the year, but it is also the perfect growing condition for mold. 

Undesirable moisture builds up in many inhabited buildings of Cyprus through both inside condensation generated from people as well as normal balmy humidity seeping into the building from the outside. High-standard thermal insulation in Cyprus can prevent mold problems from developing or help alleviate current property issues.

Lastly, noisy streets and lack of thermal insulation in Cyprus mean that homeowners experience nightly disturbances such as the passing of motorbikes or thin walls between neighbors. Thermal insulation systems, including roofing insulation solutions, contribute significantly to a more peaceful, tranquil home environment.

What Are the Benefits of Installing It in Your Home

There are five main ways you will notice a big difference in the quality of your home by choosing to install thermal insulation for a Cyprus property. Depending on the location and age of your property, more than one type of thermal insulation may be necessary to make the greatest impact on your home environment.

1. Reduced Heat Loss

Although the winter season might be less long than other European destinations, Cyprus still sees a fair amount of cold days. With thermal insulation in Cyprus homes, owners may see 45-60% less heat loss in the colder months, creating better thermal conditions. Depending on your home’s structure, different material options mean you can target the areas in which thermal bridges, or heat escape areas, happen most.

2. Optimized Thermal Comfort Year-Round

Whether cold or hot weather is present outside, thermal insulation generates better temperature control at any time of the year and prevents unnecessary drafts from occurring in the house. This also means energy-efficient homes that rely less on the central heating or cooling units to continually maintain the temperature and a reduction in the energy cost to live comfortably.

3. Prevent Condensation Marks or Mold Problems

Combat water retention from temperature variations between the inside and outside by installing thermal insulation in Cyprus homes and avoid large payouts to fix property issues in the future.

4. Improve Sound Issues

Sound insulating blocks unnecessary outside of neighborly noise from making its way into your home at all hours of the day. Using fibrous thermal insulation in Cyprus homes means more blissful Mediterranean days. Given the wide range of thermal insulation options for roofs, floors, or walls, any home can be made more peaceful.

5. Environmental Protection

While energy-efficient solutions go a long way for improving the lifestyle of homeowners as well as their finances, there is a huge environmental impact that thermal insulation can have. For one, less electricity is needed to maintain the temperature of a home. 

It also factors out the contribution of harmful carbon dioxide particles from damaging the Earth’s atmosphere. On an island where the natural beauty is one of the hallmarks of its charm, taking measures to protect the environment is a huge bonus for homeowners aiming to install thermal insulation in Cyprus.

Does Roof Insulation Make a Difference?

If you find your property has a roof separate from the ceiling, you might wonder: does roof insulation make a difference over ceiling insulation? The short answer is yes, although the two have different advantages.

To start, roof insulation deals with the roof slopes or top of the home both over and under the rafters whereas ceiling insulation deals with insulating the flooring closest to the structure of the roof.

Overall, ceiling insulation is most common in most homes as it is easier and more affordable. This type of thermal insulation in Cyprus is mainly used for climate control within the house if a house has it at all.

Roof insulation does make a difference as it not only contributes to better energy-saving performance but also prevents deterioration of the house, namely by moisture damage. Water can destroy a home’s foundation and go undetected for a while before it is noticed, leading to costly repairs and a long list of damage to the property.

Therefore, when debating whether roof insulation makes a difference to my home, the best guide is to understand that the roof and ceiling of your property are separate home assets that should be addressed to preserve the value and living conditions of your home. Thermal insulation in Cyprus properties should pinpoint all of the potential problem areas to be most effective.

Thermal Insulation Installation Assistance

Assessing your property and making adjustments can greatly impact the quality of your home’s value and comfort. Thermal insulation of Cyprus homes is one of the best investments homeowners can make to preserve their residence for years to come. Questions of roof insulation make a difference for my particular home and can also lead to big savings in the future.

The Takeaway

Whether you are hoping for improved home temperatures, sound levels, moisture control, or long-term property value and a lower energy cost, installation of thermal insulation in a Cyprus home can check all of those boxes. 

If you need assistance finding someone to assess and recommend thermal insulation options for your residence, contact the professionals at Property Experts Cyprus and start enjoying lower energy bills and more control over your home’s living conditions.