Houses for Sale in Cyprus – Your Property Checklist

Houses for Sale in Cyprus - Your Property Checklist

Cyprus is home to a wide mix of lifestyle options. Whether you are a lover of nature or drawn to cultural urban centers, you can be sure that houses for sale in Cyprus will check all your boxes.

In the week’s Property Experts Cyprus article, we give you a closer look into what it’s like to live around the island and gorgeous properties for sale in Cyprus right now.

What to Consider When Purchasing a House

Purchasing a home can be stressful. In fact, about one in three new homebuyers admit to crying at some point in the process of home-buying and 40% marked this process as the most stressful event in life. Although the process can be emotional and challenging, over 70% of first-time buyers agree it was worth the stress.

To help reduce the anxiety of purchasing a home, the experts at Property Experts Cyprus created this guiding checklist to help you better manage real estate options that are right for you. After reading through the list, continue to find out about our top selection of houses for sale in Cyprus and if they check off any of your dream home goals.

When purchasing housing property, take into consideration

  1. House location and size of the lot
  2. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  3. Age and condition of the house
  4. Seller’s incentive to sell
  5. Maintenance requirements
  6. Use of a trusted home provider or realtor
  7. Contract negotiation
  8. Local market indicators
  9. Job security
  10. Lifestyle and quality of life

Popular Real Estate Destinations in Cyprus

Cyprus has a well-established community of foreigners who have already found their perfect home in the heart of the Mediterranean. From sea views and sandy beaches to green areas a minute’s walk from urban centers, find out what makes Cyprus so diverse and welcoming to new residents. Then decide which slice of island paradise is waiting for you.


Built on a rich history, Nicosia is a city ripe with shopping opportunities, the best educational institutions, and modern hospitals. Combined with the affordable cost of living, Nicosia is the perfect place to look for houses for sale in Cyprus.

Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus. Having been settled for over 4,500 years, Nicosia has seen British, French, Italian, Greek, and Turkish influence. The Hadjigeogakis Kornesios Mansion, an ethnological museum house, is a great place to learn about the starting of Cypriot civilizations living there long ago. After that, stroll through the Cyprus Museum, Byzantine Museum, and the Cyprus Museum of Natural History before heading out on the town.

Today, it is a city divided between Cypriot Greek and Turkish culture. With 200,000 residents, it is the largest city on the island. It is not only the island’s financial and international business center but also the world’s 32nd richest city in regards to purchasing power.

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Many job opportunities are available in Nicosia, especially for finance, government, business, banking, and tourism. The Larnaca International Airport is only 45 minutes away and stunning Mediterranean beaches only an hour’s drive.

Centrally located, Nicosia has some of the most beautiful natural parks on the island. Just outside the city, there is the Athalassa National Forest, the Grammiko Park, and the Troodos Mountain Range.

Eight universities and a range of public and private primary school options make education in Nicosia the most reputable in Cyprus. English-only programs are also available and expats enjoy the many educational opportunities they have for themselves and their children.

Nicosia also has the most diversity when it comes to medical treatment. Language barriers are not a problem for most expats or tourists in Nicosia and the cost of healthcare is generally more affordable.

Nicosia has attracted many expats already due to the mix of urban and outdoor lifestyles as well as its affordable real estate. Housing costs are fairly competitive for the island and also compared to others in capital cities around Europe.

Get all the best of the Cypriot lifestyle and the affordable cost of living when you choose to buy a house for sale in Nicosia.


Limassol is Cyprus’ second-largest city and many residents form a community of Russian investors, increasing the value of real estate in the area. Located on the southern coast, it has access to some of the best seafront real estate on the island. From charming apartments to luxury villas, life in Limassol is the same as always being on vacation.

Not only is Limassol a gorgeous destination for real estate, but it is also just 45 minutes drive from the capital, Nicosia, as well as two international airports, Paphos International Airport and Larnaca International Airport. Its location is ideal for convenience and luxury with 240,000 residents in the city and surrounding metropolitan area.

Just because Limassol is a modern and lavish urban city with marinas, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a unique historical background. Many visitors and residents enjoy exploring the old town and archeological sites, such as the ancient city-kingdom of Kourion and the Kolossi Castle.

When residents aren’t taking in the historical sights, you can find many of them sipping on the local renowned wine. The annual Wine Festival Limassol celebrates the area’s cultivation of world-class grapes.

The Troodos Mountain Range also spans Limassol, along with the Sun Valley and North Face ski areas. Residents get the best of sunny, sandy beaches and powdery snow slopes.

When residents aren’t taking in the outdoors, they are enriching their knowledge at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Cyprus, The Grammar School Limassol. Limassol promises to keep you connected with the scenic wonders of Cyprus and the draw of its urban living.


Highly favored, Paphos is a popular coastal town in Cyprus. With some of the best beaches and awe-inspiring scenery, Paphos has a rich history and plenty of houses for sale for any preference. With its crisp, white villas and bustling harbor culture awash with restaurants and shops, life in Paphos is postcard perfect.

If that isn’t enough to write home about, it was actually named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO that goes all the way back to the 4th century BC. With more mild weather than the rest of Cyprus, residents can explore natural agriculture, forests, oceans, and mountains year-round.

Property development and tourism are two of the largest industries here and have plenty of job opportunities for new residents.

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Further, Evangelismos Private Hospital is considered the leading medical facility in Cyprus and is located right in Paphos. For those wondering if they have to be in the largest cities on the island to get the best medical care, Evangelismos Private Hospital provides peace of mind that quality medical treatment is available and affordable through the new general health insurance system, GeSY.

Paphos is especially attractive to British and Chinese real estate buyers, with Kato Paphos (Downtown Paphos) being the most popular neighborhood. Paphos is a destination to get away from routine and take in all the finer things in life while not giving up convenience or comfort.


Larnaca is known for its seafront promenades and relaxed atmosphere. Many residents purchase homes in Larnaca and then commute 30 minutes to Nicosia or 50 minutes to Limassol for work.

Many Greeks, British, Russian, and German expats already consider Larnaca home. One such draw to the city is the local handicrafts made in the area, such as handmade lace, jewelry, pottery, and silverwork. Lefkara Village is a short distance away and is a favorite destination for those looking to explore Cypriot handicrafts at their best.

Larnaca also has The University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus. It is the only leading higher educational institution that offers British and Cyprus degrees across all their major fields in that district. Graduates get internationally recognized British and Cyprus degrees. Other notable educational opportunities include degrees from The Alexander College, P.A. College, and Larnaca College.

Compared to other cities in Cyprus, Larnaca is one of the most affordable. The city has growing business and real estate markets that make it easy and accessible to find work and enjoyment in the city.


Famagusta is known for its Blue Flag beaches with pristine quality and safety standards. It also has Ayia Napa, a resort town with noteworthy beaches and a revered monastery, just a short distance away.

Once a major trading destination, Famagusta has grown into a city with varied investment potential. Industry, tourism, and construction are some of the leading industries in the area. Located in eastern Cyprus, it is just a short drive away from Larnaca city and Larnaca International Airport.

Famagusta also has medieval churches to explore, 365 to be exact. Each day of the year, residents can visit these churches and learn about the unique history of this beautiful city. Also in the region is Cape Greko, a protected nature park, where visitors can take in the dramatic cliffs and abundant wildlife. For art enthusiasts, the Famagusta Art and Culture Festival brings theatre, music, and dance to life every July.

Within the city, there are many affordable housing options available. The coastal neighborhoods are some of the most prized and highly-priced real estate properties in the area, especially for those residents seeking residency through investment opportunities.

The Ayia Napa Marina, while still under construction, is one of the largest investment properties in the area, and with it, the rapid expansion of stunning beachfront properties, making Famagusta so valuable to its current residents.

The Takeaway

See all the real estate options that Property Experts Cyprus has and get the keys to paradise in no time. We can help you find houses for sale in Cyprus that go beyond your expectations and help facilitate the moving process with our expertise in the residency program.